Avance Tools

Use the links on this page to access the tools available to help run the school. 

The links on this page will direct you to the login page for each specific resource. Some tools are only available to Avance staff. 

 If you are a parent and have a question about a specific tool, or would like to request access to a tool, please send an email to:

SysAdmin @ AcademiaAvance . com

ACT   Avance Collaboration Tools

The suite of tools for email messages, calendar events, shared files, and more

CENTRE  Avance Student Information System

The repository of all student academic information 

TELEPARENT   Avance Telephone Messaging System

The interface to prepare daily student reports, delivered to parents by telephone

DATA DIRECTOR  Avance Student Assessment Analysis

The analysis tool for standardized test results and student assessments 

EFAX   Avance Fax Service

The online message center for facsimile documents sent to the school