Avance Executive Board - Meeting of August 12, 2010 10:00am

posted Aug 11, 2010, 10:01 AM by Ricardo Mireles   [ updated Aug 11, 2010, 10:04 AM ]

Emergency Meeting

Location: Avance Front Office, 115 N Avenue 53, Los Angeles, CA 90042

  1. Preliminary
    1. Call to order
    2. Roll call
    3. Approval of Agenda
    4. Approval of Meeting Minutes of prior meetings

  2. Communications
    1. Public Comment on Agenda Items

      At this time the board will hear comments from members of the public who wish to speak on an agenda item. Public comment on each item may be limited by the Board based open the number of speakers who wish to be heard. Members of the public who wish to speak on an item should contact the central office directions on process and to establish their order of speaking.

    2. Public Comment on Non-Agenda Items

      At this time members of the public may bring up an item not on the agenda. Board members will hear the item but may not comment or take any action. Board members may ask that the item be placed on a future agenda. The Board may limit the time allocated for such comment and interested members of the public should follow the procedures outlined above for “Agenda Items.”

    3. For Information: Report on the charter renewal petition process.

  3. Items Scheduled for Action
    1. Approval of resolution for response to LACOE questions of August 10, 2010 in support of the charter petition renewal appeal.

  4. Closed Session

    No closed session planned.

  5. Adjournment